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JSLint is a lint tool for your JavaScript by Douglas Crockford. It detects and warns about many source code constructs that either cause problems, or may lead to unexpected behaviour. There is a warning:

Warning: JSLint will hurt your feelings.

jslint4java is a java wrapper around the JSLint tool. This enables it to be run in more environments than just a web browser. jslint4java provides both a command-line tool and an ant task. If you would like to develop your own integrations, please consult the apidocs.

If you find a bug in jslint4java, please report it. Thanks!

To get in touch about jslint4java, please email dom [at] happygiraffe [dot] net.

jslint4java is developed using git. If you would like to get at the code, please visit github.com/happygiraffe/jslint4java or run git clone git://github.com/happygiraffe/jslint4java.git.